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during reconstruction which group of americans in the south support the democratic party?

scalawags, african americans, rich landowners, carpetbagges.

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    What landowner in the South after the war was "rich"?

    rich landowner is the only possible answer here, but the term rich is misleading and prejucical. A damn Yankee probably wrote the question.
    The Democratic party after the war made the calculated decision that in the South its best prospect was to align with the white supremacy folks. Most of these folks were not "rich" at all. Many of these folks had been poor to start with before the war, but the war reduced them to poverty, and they saw the liberation of the Negroes as a threat to their livelihood and existance. Frankly, in the South, that group is still the stew pot of racial discontent, not "rich" landowners.

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    no the southerns were living in a dept cycle

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