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words that sound alike

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    You could also be referring to homophones:




    and many others.

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    What are you talking about i am an 8th grader and i don't know what the heck you are talking about and i am in honers.

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    Do you mean homonyms, like pear - pair?

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    Words that sound alike are called homophones and include:

    there, their, they're
    two, to, too
    heir, air
    seem, seam

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    its like hour our and butt but and buy and steal and steel and wok and walk.

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    HOMONYMS: same spelling
    same pronunciation
    different meanings

    HOMOPHONES: same pronunciation
    different spellings
    differnt meaning

    HOMOGRAPHS: same spelling
    different pronunciation
    different meaning

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    (homonyms are different from homophones in that homonyms have the same spelling, whereas homophones do not)

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    sorry about my mistake - thank you so much for your explanation; I shall never forget the differeence between homonyms and homophones now!

  • 1st grade -

    there, their, they're

  • 1st grade -

    yoke, yolk
    sail, sale
    buy, by
    pare, pair, pear
    pen, pin

  • 1st grade -

    The loaves of bread have ____ perfectly

  • 1st grade -


  • 1st grade -

    A,Eh. Acts,Ax.Add,Ad. Adds,Ads,Adze. Ade,Aid,Aide. Aerie,Airy. Aero,Arrow. Affect,Effect. Ale,Ail. Air,Heir,Are(1/100th. of a Hector, prounced the same way, of course),Ere,Err,E'er.
    All,Awl. Altar,Alter. An,Ann. Aunt,Ant. And so on...

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