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The function M(x)=-0.287x^3+8.8^2-59.843x+220.7 describes the incidence of measels (per 100,000) for the period 1940-1960 (x=0 for 1940). In what year was the greatest incidence of measels reported? According to the definition of M (x), what is the y intercept?Identify periods of increasing/decreasing frequency of the disease. If the function continues to model the disease beyond 1960, when did the incidence of measel approximate zero? What are some variables that may have affected the incidence of measels over the period 1940-60?

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    I assume you have had calculus.


    Then, use the quadratic formula to solve for x to find the greatest year.

    I will be happy to critique your thinking on the other questions.

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