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a boy of mass 40kg is sliding down the spiral slide at a constant speed such that his position is measured by
theta=(0.7t) rad
z=(-0.5t) m
where t is in seconds. How do you find the components of forces Fr, Ftheta and Fz which the slide exerts on the boy at the instant when t=2s. Neglect the size of the boy.

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    I need to know r
    w = d theta/dt = .7
    Fr = 40 r w^2 = 40 r (.49) inward (negative r direction)
    the tan of angle of the slide down from horizontal = .5/(wr) = .5/(.7r) = .714/r
    Fz = weight of boy up = 40*9.8 = 392 N
    Ftheta = weight tan angle = 392 (.714/r)

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