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help please my mind is going crazy trying to figure this out
Follow the steps listed below to complete this 200-300-word CheckPoint:
1. Assume that you—as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant—have heard rumors that
the union, which has been virtually inactive until now, is planning to take complaints to
upper management.
2. Outline a plan you could present to upper management that might prevent the need for
union action.
3. Explain how this plan also represents your responsibility to the employees’ union.

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    I'd find out what the union's complaints were. Then I'd try to figure out a way to peacefully settle these problems.

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    how to do 9%7=

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    It doesnt say

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    Goodness. If you are a supervisor, you sit down with the union reps, and ask what the problem is, and how to fix it. Only then you approach upper management with options. Sometimes I wonder what these so called colleges are teaching management students.

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