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14. "You really _____ go to Cairo. You can see the Pyramids and the National Museum."
A. may
B. might
C. can
D. must

17. If we _____ some more money, we could go away this weekend.
A. are having
B. have
C. had
D. would have

It would be appreciate if anybody could tell me the answer and explain why.

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    14. The only one that makes sense is "must" (if you must go...); the other three indicate permission or potential, but "must" indicates "have to"!

    17. The choice is "had" -- sequence of tenses in an "if...then..." type of sentence (even though the word "then" isn't written). As before, the other words do not make sense; they are all some form of present or future, but the correct one is past tense.

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