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hi, um im not sure how to do this.So can you please help me?
coral takes a 10" by 14" rectangular sheet of paper and cuts a 2" by 2" square out of each corner. the paper is then folded up to make an open box. what is the volume of the box?

thank you for helping me to

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    We can't draw diagrams on these boards but here is how I would approach the problem.
    Here is one side running ____ and the left side running | etc..
    |__ The 2" cut comes out of the corner.
    If we take 2" out of each corner, the 10" side is 10"-2"-2" or 6".
    The 8" side is 8"-2"-2" = 4"
    If we fold it to make an open box, the floor is 6" x 4" and the height is 2"
    Volume is length x width x height. Check my thinking. You may want to get a sheet of paper and cut to see this problem first hand.

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