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On one of the translating sites it said:
"je voudrais aller avec il"
Should it not have been
"je voudrais aller avec lui"????
and for the plural it said:
"je voudrais aller avec ils"
Should it not be "je voudrais aller avec eux"?
Thank you

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    Sorry, I just saw what I did wrong.
    I put into the translating site:
    "I would like to go with her, him, them"
    and it translated:
    je voudrais aller avec elle, il,ils

    As soon as I made that into three sentences, it got the "lui" and "eux" right.
    Sorry about that!

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    You are absolutely correct that it should have been: "Je voudrais aller avec lui." NEVER trust translation sites! They can not do the nuances of a language. Get a good dictionary, try yourself and then post for proofreading!

    You were also absolutely correct with the plural: "Je voudrais aller avec eux." Stress pronoun it is!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    Merci beaucoup!!

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