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physics - density

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A person got a metal rock, he knows this rock density is ρm, but he is worried that there might be a hole within the rock, how he found there is a hole or not? And how he found the fraction of the hole size to total rock size? write your experimental steps.

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    If ñm is the density of the rock with no holes, it can be compared to the actual density of the sample. Measure the volume of the rock, V and its mass, M.

    V*ñm - M = missing mass due to hole(s)
    = m

    m/ñm = v = volume of hole(s)
    v/V = fraction of sample that is holes
    = (1/V)[m/ñm]
    = (1/V)(V*ñm - M)/ñm
    = 1 - [M/(V*ñm)]

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    how do fish use density in their lives?

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