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Each of four identical tires of a car is filled with a different gas. Gas pressure in each tire is 3.0 atm at 25oC. One tire contains neon, another – argon, the 3rd one has krypton, and the last one has unknown gas. How many molecules are there in each tire?

So far, I have used PV=nRT. I set V=1. I found that n = .1226 moles. I multiplied that by avogadros number and got

7.38 * 10 ^ 22 molecules. Is this correct?

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    How do you know V = 1? If you set V = 2 (or 3, or 4 or 5) will that change the number of molecules.

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    n = PV/RT
    You do not know the volumes of the tires except that they are all the same. "V = 1" (an arbitrary unit of volume) cannot give you a specific number of moles or number of molecules. However how do the numbers of molecules for each gas compare to each other?

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