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plse help me

24 (-3,-4) (3,-2)

27 (3,-8) (-2,5)

30. 0.2,1.1) (7,3)

a line passes throught the given point. write an equation for the liine in point slope form. then rewrite the euqation in slope intercept for plse help me with these three

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    I will do the second one, you do the rest, ok?

    2) slope of line = (5+8)/-2-3) = -13/5

    using the point (-2,5)

    y-5 = (-13/5)(x+2)
    Is this is what you mean by point-slope form?

    I would now multiply by 5
    5y - 25 = -13x - 26
    13x + 5y + 1 = 0 , this is what we used to call general form

    solve for y to get y = -(13/5)x - 1/5
    this is the slope-yintercept form

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    thx a million for some reason i just don't get it but know i do thx you very much

  • algebra 1 -

    hi amy its alan thx for the site

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