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i have a history essay that needs to be done by wednesday next week. its wednesday today the week before so it would really help if someone could do it for me!
the title it as follows:
"The main reason for heavy casualties on the western front is because of the tactics used by the comanding officers" How far do you agree with this? Are there other reasons?

so in my essay i need to write about TWC( tactics, weapons and conditions) to find out what i think caused the heavy casualties. Please remember: casualties arent just deaths but also injuries and illnesses and other reasons why the men had to leave the front.
thanks a bunch!

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    No one here will DO the essay for you! We are here to HELP after you DO the work.


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    What is WRONG with "students" these days that they think it's OK to get someone else to actually do their work for them. No wonder our schools' graduates become less and less educated every year.

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    This is a homework help site. You cannot rely on others to do the homework for you. If you're that desperate perhaps you should ask the teacher for help.

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    I have the same problem. Although I am not begging people to do it for me. I've gone to the local library and gotten books out about the First World War.
    Children now just rely on the Internet! Go read books!

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