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1. Name a Protist that has both plant and animal characteristics.

2. What compound is usually identified by the use of iodine?

3. What important gas is released during photosynthesis?

4. Contrast photosynthesis and respiration.

5. Is movement characteristic of plant or animal cells? Explain.

6. Molecules are the smallest possible particles of any compound. Are water molecules more active in gas, in liquid or in a solid state?

7. There is a wide variety of types of algae in the world. What characteristics are algae categorized by? What are some uses of algae?

8. Under what circumstances does osmotic pressure occur?

9. Why do dried prunes swell when soaked in pure water?

10. What are different methods of locomotion of Protists?

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    We'll be happy to critique your answers.

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    This site is dumb, all all don't even ANSWER questions. You just state short responses.
    How pathetic.

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    Jasmine, we are teachers who volunteer to HELP students. We would not be helping you if we just answered your questions. Please notice the title of this site: Homework Help Forum!

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    screw you teachers

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