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hi can someone please help me with these questions

1. By 1828 John C. Calhoun was
a. an avowed secessionist
b. an out and out sectionist
c. a flaming nationalist
d. both a sectionist and a nationalist
I think the answer is A

2. President Van buren is best remembered for
a. causing a panic
b. establishing the independent treasury system
I think it is A but didn’t he not cause a panic

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    Already answered:

    Didn't you see it?

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    why is it not a

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    Read the last paragraph in Early Political Career.

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    wait but it says by 1828

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    How about d?

    "Foremost in the fight to preserve slavery was John C. Calhoun. Yet while Calhoun was the theorist who revivified Madison's idea of nullification for use against tariff acts in 1828 and 1832, he was also staunchly against secession. As a member of Monroe's cabinet, he had pushed for national improvements such as canals and roads. Even when Calhoun no longer advocated federal power for such ends, he ran for president three times. He was not interested in seceding from the Union over which he hoped to one day preside."


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    i don't know what is it

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    The point is that, just because he was in favor of slavery, he wasn't automatically in favor of secession.

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    so is the answer d

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