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I have to work with percentages and I don't know how to figure this word problem out.

John saved 23.97$ by purchasing boots at "30% off sale". Find the origianl price of the boots.

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    Let's set up an equation and solve for x (the original price of the boots).

    0.3x = 23.97
    x = ?

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    does that happen to all kinds of percentage word problems?

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    All percentage word problems can be solved this way -- but you need to be careful about the way you set it up.

    For instance, if you wanted to know what he paid for the boots, knowing that he received 30% off of $79.90 --

    0.7 * 79.9 = ?

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    do you mean 0.7 or 0.3 * 79.9?

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    With 30% off, he paid 70% of the original price.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue :)

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    So she paid 55.93 with a discount of 30%

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    And remember -- $55.93 -- the dollar sign should show up before the numbers.


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    oh right! my teacher always reminds me, but I seem to skip it all the time and get -.5 on quizzes for putting it the other way around or forgetting it.

    thanks for the reminder Writeacher!

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