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can someone help me please with these two questions.

1. The utopian communities in America before 1860 were handicapped because they
a. were ultimately overcrowded
b. were forced to compete with free enterprise
c. outlawed by congress
d. generally embraced free love

I think the answer is A

2.the following except 1 were major handicaps of President Van Buren
a. the canadian insurrection
b. hard times
c. succeeding Jackson
d. opposition from the bank of the united states

I think the answer is D

thank you for your help

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    a. There were several reasons for the failure of utopian communities, but overcrowding was not one. Check this site for the best answer.

    b. Check this site for the correct answer (it's not D.)

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    Would the answer to 1 be b. Would the answer to 2 be a.

    Thank you for your help

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    Yes, your new answers are correct. :-)

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    1 is D

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