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It is kind of logic question that deals with math. A Contractor needs 54 square feet of bricks to construct a rectangular walkway. What does that mean? Please explain very clearly.

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    You can figure possible dimensions of the walkway by knowing its square feet.

    First, find the multiples of 54:
    1, 54; 2, 26; 3, 18; 6, 9.

    The most logical dimensions are:
    2' x 26'
    3' x 18'

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    dimension you mean length and width. And, Then, when you mulitply them, you should get 54. The whole question is that Contractor need 54 square feet of brick for rectangular walkway. The length of the walkway is 15 feet more than the width. Write an equation that would be used to determine the dimensions of walkway. Now, why say square feet. Square feet results in area. I know you have to add all the legths and width that would equal to 54. But adding doesnt equal to square feet.

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    Obviously the length is 18' and the width is 3'.

    To find the square feet you multiply, not add. You add to find the perimeter.

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