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could you give me some advice how to read academic articles in english??
english is my second language and also I have to read sociological and philosophical texts in english for my master thesis. do you have any idea??

  • reading articles in english -
    This is one of the best "systems" I've found for reading texts and academic articles. It also works for taking lecture notes in a class. I've used this and I've taught this, and it works!

    Another idea for reading difficult works is called SQ3R:

    If you learn to practice both of these, you should find it easier to handle the information that academic works give you.


  • reading articles in english -

    I want to ask one more thing.
    when I read a text which includes lots of unknown words, fistly I look their meaning one by one. but this method takes long times.what do you think about my method??
    thanks a lot for your advice and help:)

  • reading articles in english -

    Yes, you should read with a good dictionary on hand -- or open online ( is a good one), but you should also be able to do a fair amount of "guesstimation" based on the sentence in which the words is used -- that is, the context in which the word is used.

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