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A 2.91 gram sample of a gaseous compound that contains only boron and hydrogen has a volume of 1.22 L at 25°C and 1.09 atm. What is the formula of this compound? (Atomic Weight: H = 1.01, B = 10.8 amu)

I am not sure but it is B6H10? But I am nto sure if that way i did it anyways was right.

Can someone verify what they get. That would be great

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    Use PV = nRT to determine the number of mols, n.
    Then n = g/molar mass will give you the molar mass.
    From there it's guess work unless I've missed something.
    BH3 is the basic compound.
    are the compounds between B and H I can find. Pick the one that comes the closest to the molar mass. Unless I missed the arithmetic I would go with B4H10.
    Check my thinking.

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