5th Grade student teacher: Needs ur help....

posted by Samantha

What fun activity could I use to to teach 5th grade students about the Constitution?

  1. joyce

    let them watch that one cartoon video where they sing.. make them sing it
    i remember doing this in 5th grade

  2. crystal

    HEY, I need help with my s.s homework would u help me please?

  3. sabrina


  4. joyce

    youtube it

    type in schoolhouse rock the preamble

  5. Ms. Sue

    These sites have several good ideas.




  6. Nancy

    Ben's Guide - Google this and you will get lots of grade appropriate

  7. Jesinia

    Well you could show a video about the constitution and its makers or you could read a book with a cassete

  8. oumou


  9. isai


  10. Natalie

    Don't go to hard on them. 5th grade is hard. Go easy on them.

  11. Cristy


  12. Morgan

    Try making it into a game.
    Like you get points if you get the correct answer.
    As a 5th grade student I love to play games. Lots of kids like to get competitive, for instance maybe give out a prize for whoever gets the most points?

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