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How did the slave trade affect the eastern shore? Also where can I find information about the Slave Trade on Maryland's Eastern shore on its economics and culture?

Help is Appreciated!


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    Check these sites.

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    Thank You for the links, however I don't think these links are to effective in helping me understand the slave trade economically and culturally.

    On the first link it described the book for me, which does have helpful information but not helping grasp the concept about the slave trade economically, and culturally.

    On the second link provided it described ads of escaping slaves. This is more of an impact on social than culturally, although I may be wrong.

    On the Last link provided this was the most effective in my research as it describes it more.

    I might be wrong of thinking that these sites don't help my topic specifics of economically and culturally, if that is the case please help me grasp the concept a little bit more with these links. If not, I still may need more links for it.

    Thank You For the assistance!

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    Slave trade's effects on Maryland's eastern shore is a very specific topic and I gave you the best sites I could find. I suggest you check with a librarian in a large library for this information.

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    Okay, Thank you!

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