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I have just one math problem that I need a little help with. Please give me the answer, and walk me through it, too, to help me understand it. Thanks!

The price of a ring is decreased by 40% and the resulting price is increased by 50%. The final price is $360. What was the original price?

I've tried this problem a few times, but I haven't gotten any good answers yet.

Again, thanks so much! I appreciate your help!

  • Algebra -

    let the original price be $x
    so after the first reduction of 40%, the new price is .6x
    now this is cut in half (50%)
    so the new price is .3x
    .3x = 360
    x = 360/.3
    = 1200

    so the original price was $1200

    check: 40% of 1200 = 480 leaving 720
    now 50% of 720 = 360

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