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Here are questions from my two "alter egos", Rachelle and Gusella, better known as Patti, even better known as Courtney. I am supposed to find f(g(x)). F(x)=5x^2minus 2x=3 and g(x)=4x^2 plus 7x-5 The answer I got was 5(4x^2+7x-5)^2+-2x+3. Is this correct? Thanks!!!

I am doing the piecewise function x+3 if x is less than -2
x^2 if -2 is less than or equal to x which is less than 1, and finally, -x+2 if x is greater than one. The chart says that

x x+3 (x,y)

-3 0 -3,0

-2 1 -2,1

How come the three is negative? Is there a rhyme or reason to this? Thanks!!

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