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11th grade ..CHEMISTRY

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This is a Quantitative Redox titration.
(KMnO4) = 1.8 G.. 500 ML

after the experiment we had to record the data of the 3 trials.

1. Trial - VolUme FeSO4 = 10.00 Ml - VOlume KMnO4 11.00 Ml

2. Trial - VolUme FeSO4 = 10.00 ML - VOlume KMnO4 11.15 Ml

and we ran outa the solution.. so we didn't have to do trial3

Question is Find the MOlarity of FeSO4 Solution.?

  • 11th grade ..CHEMISTRY -

    find the amount of feso4 and then calculae the molarity by using the formula!!!!

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