slope(using intercepts)

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a bamboo plant is growing 1 foot per day. when you first measure it, it is 4 feet tall.

a. write an equation to describe the height y, in feet, of the bamboo plant x days after you measure it.
would it be: x+y=4?

b. what is the y intercept?

  • slope(using intercepts) -

    would it be: x+y=4?

    This is clearly this not correct if you put numbers into the equation. If y is the height after 10 days then the height is the plant is


    so y=-6 or 6ft below ground!

    The correct equation is


    where both y and x are in feet. This agrees with the description as at time zero, x=0, the y=4 i.e 4ft. After 10 days the plant will be
    y=4+10 = 14 or 14 ft tall. Which is a sensible value.

    If we compare the equation with the general equation for a straight line which is


    m=gradient and
    c=the y intercept

    we see that m=1 and
    c=4 (or the line passes through (0,4)

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