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college algebra

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Identify the units on x in each of the following equations.

(a) x= yz (both y and z are measured in feet)

(b) x=3y^2 (y is measured in inches)

(c)x = t^3 (t is measured in seconds)

(d) x 4F^2 d (both F and d are measured in meters)

4. In an exponential expression such as A = BE -(t/RC) , we cannot attach units to the exponent-(t/RC) because a base, such as e, can only be raised to a pure number. Consequently, if the variable t in this equation is measured in seconds, what does this imply about the units on the product RC?

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    You may need to type the problems here.

    It would also help if you posted your solutions. Then a math tutor can better help you if he knows your thinking.

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