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intermediate algebra

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Find the equation of the line that pass through the given point and is perpendicular to the given line. Write in slope intercept form.

(0,0), y + 3x = -12

would I subtract 3x from both sides?

if so would the slope be -3x?

m = 1/3 , (0,0)

y-y1, m(x-x1)


y-0=1/3 x+0

this is where i get lost.

any help please

  • intermediate algebra -

    Rewrite it as y = -(1/3)x -12
    That tells you that the slope of the original line is -1/3. The slope of the perpendicular line must be 3, because the product of the two slopes must be -1.

    Since the new line passes through the origin, its equation is just y = 3x

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