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I have an assignment in which i am supposed to identify a good citizen in my community. i need to write an essay on why he/she deserves that title. The problem is that i have just moved to this country so i don't know many of the people here and what they do. what do u think i should do? Please help's due tomorrow!

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    If your first language is not English, I congratulate you for your fluency in our language.

    Good citizens don't vary much from one country to another.

    They keep informed about community and national policies and issues.
    They vote.
    They help others through community organizations.
    They obey the laws.
    They are productive members of their society.

    I'm sure you can think of someone that you know or have read about who fulfills some or all of the characteristics of good citizens.

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    Yes, I always studied English as a second language. I hope I will be able to do it. Can I just write somebody's name and mention that he respects all the laws and follows them, helps everyone in need and votes, encourages others to vote and so on?

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    Yes. You should go into detail -- especially about what the person does to help others.

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