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college chemistry

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The chemical reaction representing production of water gas is as follows:


calculate the enthalpy change in the production of 200L(at 500mmHg and 65degree celcius) of hydrogen by this reaction.

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    I think temperature will be a factor. Ignoring that
    figure the moles of H2, and the moles of CO2, and the moles of H2O(l).

    ChangeEnthalpy=HformationCO*molesCO -HeatformationH2O*molesH20

    Now the problem. Heat of Formation is given in tables at some standard temperature, usually 273K. I hate to tell you to ignore that, as it is significant.

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    so would i find the moles using the ideal gas law? PV=nRT
    i didn't understand the heat of formation? could you explain a little more? thanks

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