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no one is replying to my post on editing my sonnet. please i need help, it's due tommorow. The subject is also poetry and its a few posts below
thanks -mysterychicken

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    MS.... FIRST check your poem, line by line, to see if it is iambic pentameter. That is 5 iambics in each line. (./ ./ ./ ./ ./)

    If it doesn't fit, then you have to rephrase so that it does. Also check your rhyme. Repost and I will be back later to see how you worked that out.

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    Thanks, I'm gonna go do that now

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    Wait... can you tell me how to write a sonnet? Like the form of it?

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    Check these sites.


    (Broken Link Removed)

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    thanks :)

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    thank you as well. this helped a lot. now i can finally go fix up my sonnet ^^

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