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has characterization, conflict or theme been used in any of these sentences?
1. Look-what about the woman across the street? If her testimony don't prove it, then nothing does.

2. Gentlemen, they did take us out of the woman's room and we looked through the window of a passing el train- (to eight)- didn't we?

3. It's that one juror that's holding out, but he'll come around. He's got to and fundamentally, he's a very reasonable man.

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    Yes, there is definitely at least one of those in those sentences. Please post what you think and we will be glad to make suggestions if needed.

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    i think there is characterization in the first two. But i am not sure about the third one. Please can u help me!

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    Look for conflict...The first one is talking about a jury decision. There is a conflict between the members of the jury.

    There is no conflict in #2, however there is a lot of conflict in #3. Can you find it?

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