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Escribe las frases en espanol.
1. We forgot the homework. ( literalmente: "The homeowrk was forgotten "on us")


2. You lost money. ( the money was lost "on you")


  • spanish -

    nosotros olvidamos la tarea
    or it also works like this
    olvidamos la tarea nosotros

    tu perdiste dinero
    perdiste dinero tu.

  • spanish -

    You didn't get the idea last night? You are working with 3rd person singular (if there is only one thing lost, forgotten, etc.) of a Reflexive Verb. Then the indirect-object pronoun (me, te, le, nos, os, les) tells the person involved.

    1. literally: the homework forgot itself on us = Se nos olvidó la tarea. Be sure you UNDERSTAND what you are doing here. If you don't get the general idea, you will never get it!

    2. literally: the money lost itself as far as YOU (familiar or formal, singular or plural) were concerned = Se te perdió el dinero. Notice I selected "te" rather than "le" or "les" because that's what your sentences used last night.


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