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Escribe las frases en espanol.
1. We forgot the homework. ( literalmente: "The homeowrk was forgotten "on us")


2. You lost money. ( the money was lost "on you")


  • spanish -

    Nosotros olvidamos la tarea

    tu perdiste el dinero

  • spanish -

    OK. Let's look at what Claudia provided for you first. SHE is accepting the blame = nosotros olvidamos la tarea. Tú perdiste el dinero.

    Now, what you are doing is called ACCIDENTAL: no one is accepting the blame! Instead the "thing" itself gets the blame and it's only incidental (happenstance) that a person is involved.

    Se nos olvidó la tarea.

    Se te perdió el dinero.

    See how the THING is at fault? You need to see that first. Then the "nos" or "te" are the indirect-object pronouns, NOT taking the blame, but only happening to be there!

    Please let me know if you don't have the idea yet.


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