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spanish please help

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Assignment: Escribe la palabra que falta.

1. A ti se te ____(left) la mochila en case?

2. El ano pasado se me _____(broke) la mano.

are the answers correct
answer for # 1 danas
answer # 2 rompia

  • spanish please help -

    ¡Buenas tarde, Sam! 1. The verb to leave in this case is dejar = dejó = because it implies that "accidentally, as far as you were concerned, the bookbag left itself!" It takes the blame off you that you left the bookbag behind = tú dejaste la mochila en casa. (check spelling of "house."

    2. Don't forget those accent marks! El año pasado se me rompió = again, 3rd person reflexive verb to take the blame from you! "Accidentally my hand broke itself, and I was incidentally there!


  • spanish please help -

    P.S. You misunderstood something here.
    Your answer should be: Se te dejó

    IF you were willing to take the blame (which you are NOT), it would have been "Te dejaste.....etc.

    Perhaps you read too quickly and do not understand that you are working with 3rd person singular (since all the things left, broken, etc. were singular) of a reflexive verb and the indirect-object pronoun simply says who was involved. "the bookbag left itself, with respect to me, at home.


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