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how do you say peoples names in spanish

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    A person's name remains the same no matter what country she is studying or living in.

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    nice question ahha!! yes what ms sue said shes very smart.

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    Sorry, but this is how Spanish names are:

    In addition to each Christian name (first name) each Spanish child has 2 last names (family names): his father's followed by his mother's. Sometimes he/she puts "y" = (and) between the 2 last names. For example, Mr. Carlos Pérez () Gómez marries Miss María Vega (y) (and) González. They have a son whose name is Juan Pérez (y) Vega (or Juan Pérez). His sister is named Adela Pérez (y) Vega (or Adela Pérez). If Adela marries Leandro Fernández (y) Álvarez, she will be named doña (Mrs.) Adela Pérez DE Fernández. So, in a "nutshell" you have a "family tree" in a Spanish name!


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    oh no ms sue was wrong. she still is really smart.:)

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    Thank you Jazz. Sra is absolutely right about Spanish names. My thought was that if I moved to another country, I'd still expected to be called Sue.

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    ahha don't worry about it ms sue everyone loves ya!!:)

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