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Math 116

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I have a long problem which I need help with.....
Q1) there are two plans available with a total of 56 houses available. x represents plan 1 and y represents plan 2. write an equation illustrating the situation:
A1) x+y=56

Q2) there are 3 times as many homes available with the second plan than the first. write an equation illustrating this. use same vaiables as in Q1.
A2) 3x=y

Q3) use the equations from part Q1 & Q2 as a system of equations. Use substitition to determine how many each type of plan is available. describe the steps used to solve the problem.
A3) x + (3x) = 56
4x = 56
x = 56/4
x = 14, and y = 42

Q4) what are the intercepts from part a? (0,56)(56,0) what are the intercepts from part b? (0,0)where would the lines intersect if you solved by graphing? (14,42)

  • Math 116 -

    I 85% of motor oil is sed in the United Saes and 9,992 of gasolie is useda day howmuch gasolne is used in the United States a day

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