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Acids that form ionic solutions will conduct electricity. Acids that form covalent solutions will not conduct electricity.

but acids have HYDROGEN in them and hydrogen is a gas is that why the results of the conduction test need to be changed because hydrogen is a non metal but hydrochloric acid is still IONIC

hope you understand my question


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    Succinctly said, I don't understand what you have said. You seem to imply that since hydrogen is a gas in the elemental state it is a gas in acids. That simply is not true. Look at it this way. Sodium is a very active metal and it would tear us up inside if we ate it. Chlorine is a poisonous gas and if we breathe it is will kill us. However, when we combine sodium (as the element) with chlorine gas (as the element) it forms salt, common table salt, NaCl. We eat salt; sometimes we may eat more than we should but NaCl is not a poison. Now let's switch the HCl. The bond between H and Cl to form HCl, which we call hydrogen chloride, is a gas. When it dissolved in water, the following reaction takes place.
    HCl + H2O ==> H3O^+ + Cl^-
    So you see, when the covalent compound, HCl gas, dissolves in water, it reacts with H2O to form the hydronium ion + the chloride ion. Those are ions and the solution conducts electricity because the ions are present. Hydrogen gas has been transformed into something else when we react H2 gas with Cl2 gas to form HCl. The gas no longer exists, either for hydrogen or for chlorine. There are many compounds that contain hydrogen (not as the element but combined with something else) but these hydrogens do not react with water to from the hydronium ion. Without the ions there is no conduction of electricity.

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