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here is another question I need help on. would this be like a mass email? Like if someone said something stupid and you in turn sent it to everyone in the organization?
How is this cc: in a email used strategically in organizations to arm twist or send a "message" to someone?

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    Yes, it would be a mass e-mail. You could use your "Address Book" if you have one. You could also send a "Blind Copy" so only one individual would know you sent it; that would be if you didn't everyone to know it was a mass e-mail. But, then again, if you want everyone to know who got it, regular e-mail.


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    It's a mass email, indeed. It may or may not be considered spam, depending on the content of the email. If your reply pertains to everyone in the list, then you can certainly use REPLY-ALL and it will be sent to everyone in the CC. If you only want to respond to the one who sent it because your response does not concern everyone else in the list, then use REPLY (not REPLY ALL). Many people accidentally send private, confidential info because they hit REPLY ALL rather than replying to the person that sent it.

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