chemistry (continued)

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i kinda understand waht you're saying. to be a bit more clear this is from a lab,

and here are the volumes we retrieved:

Volume of Concentrated NaOH soultion (mL) = 9.00 mL

Concentration of Concentrated NaOH soultuon (M) = 6.00 M

Volume of Stock Solution after Dilution (mL) = 490.00 mL + 9.00 mL (from the first part)

and then the question says the give the Approximate concentration of Stock solution (M).

It says to use the formula: amount of solute (moles) / volume of solution (L)

I'm confused with how to get amount of solute with the 6.00 M and 9.00mL volume.

  • chemistry (continued) -


  • chemistry (continued) -

    Answered below.

  • chemistry (continued) -

    yep just saw, thanks :)

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