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physics help 4 please!!

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Two turtles (each 2 kg) sit on an approximately massless branch in the water. They sit on opposite sides of the branch's center, each 3 m away.

The branch (10 m long) is spinning at 2 rad/s about its center (nearly without friction).

Now, if both turtles walk to the ends of the log, then the new angular speed of the log+turtles system would be:


do you use conservation of torque? what can be set equal?

  • physics help 4 please!! -

    <<do you use conservation of torque?>>

    There is no torque on the branch. Angular momentum about the center of the branch is conserved.

    They each move from 3 to 5 m from the center of the branch.

    Angular velocity w decreases by a ratio 3/5 to keep the angular momentum constant

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