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1. Tom is angry at her.
1-2. Tom is angry with her.
(Which one is correct?)

2. He is wearing a white shirt.
2-2. He is wearing a dress shirt.
2-3 He is wearing an under shirt.
(Which one is correct? Do #2 and #2-2 have the same meaning? Why do we use 'dress' for a man's clothing?)

3. Do you have any plans for the weekend?
3-2. Do you have any plan for the weekend?
(Which one is correct? Are both OK? Do we have to use a singular noun or a plural noun?)

4. Who protec us from them?
4-2. Who protects us from them?
(Which one is correct? Which one is grammatically correct?)

5. He's got a cold and he coughs a lot.
5-2. He's got cold and he coughed a lot.
(Which one is correct?)

6. Do you have a toothache? Why don't you go to the dentist?

6-2. Do you have a toothache? Why don't you go to the dentist's office?

6-3. Do you have a toothache? Why don't you go to the dentist's?

6-4. Do you have a toothache? Why don't you go to see a dentist?

(Which one is right?)

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    #1 - I prefer the second one although I've heard both.

    #2 - All three are correct, depending on what you mean. A white shirt is just that, and it could be worn to the office or wherever. A dress shirt means a shirt to be worn with a suit or tuxedo.

    #3 - Both are OK, but the first one is more commonly used.

    #4 - The second one is correct.

    #5 - It's better to say, "He has a cold, and he coughs a lot." Or "He has a cold and coughs a lot."

    #6 - The first one is the best; the fourth one is not bad if you delete "to."

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