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1. Who protect our country from them?
1-2. Who protects our country from them?

(Which one is correct? Are both grammatical?)

2. There is a book shop at the corner.
2-1. There is a bookshop at the corner.
(Which one is right?)

3. Jenny is a female name, and Terry is a male name, aren't they?

4. I don't find any beauty shop in that building.
4-1. I can't find any beauty shop in that building.
(Which one is a common expression? Is #4 used commonly? Are both the same?)

5. Do you know about the movie "The Matrix"? What is the meaning of 'matrix' here?

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    For the first set, the second one is correct. For number three, the correct scentence is: Jenny is a female name; and Terry is a male name. Aren't they?

    For number 4, the second one is correct.
    For number five the meaning of matrix is the title of a movie.

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    Both book shop and bookshop are used.

    In #4 both are used.

    Here is a definition of matrix:
    "1 : something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form " It is from the Latin Mater or mother. In the movie by that name, something originates from something else.

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