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Physics Number 3 (Online w/ no teacher)

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Many people mistakenly believe that the astronauts that orbit the Earth are “above gravity.” Calculate g for space-shuttle territory, 200 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Earths’ mass is 6 X 10 to the 24th and its radius is 6.38 X 10 to the 6th (6380 km). Your answer is what percentage of 9.8 m/s squared?

My answer was: 6.27 X 10 to the -1

  • Physics Number 3 (Online w/ no teacher) -

    accel= GMe/d^2=6.67E-11*6E24/(6.58E6)^2

    which is about 94 percent.

  • Physics Number 3 (Online w/ no teacher) -

    There is no guarantee that Jiskha teachers will be online at all hours in all subjects.

    You did not calculate g, which you asked for, and you did not express the ratio to sea level g as a percent.

    You can use the ratio (6380/6580)^2 to get the ratio of g at 200 km to the earth-surface value. It is NOT 0.627

  • Physics Number 3 (Online w/ no teacher) -

    drwls.. what do you mean about Jiskha teachers? No I mean at the college I go to I'm taking this class online, and the teacher is not helpful at all, even when we ask questions. Thank you.

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