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The mass of a certain neutron star is 3.0 X 10 to the 30th (1.5 solar masses) and its radius is 8,000 m (8 km). What is the acceleration of gravity at the surface of this condensed, burned-out star?

My answer was 31,265,625 X 10 to the 12th km/s squared.

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    F/m= GM/r^2= 6.67E-11 * 3.0E30/64E6 m/s^2
    = yes, you are correct, except your number of significant digits is far excessive.

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    The answer is G M/R^2, where G is the universal constant of gravity,
    6.67*10^-11 N m^2/kg^2.

    You missed the decimal point by a very wide margin, and you have too many significant figures.

    The correct answer is 3.1*10^12 m/s^2

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    Thank you both!

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