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college,Business(Information Systems Strategy)

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Part 1: Strategy Development

Present and explain five key IT/IS initiatives that should form company’s (mobile industry company) 3-5 year IT/IS strategy. You should present this strategy using Earl’s Risk & Return Portfolios taxonomy, then by briefly explaining / justifying each of your IT/IS initiatives in terms of business benefits risk and return.

Part 2: Implementation Method
For any one of your initiatives, explain and justify what implementation method you would use. Your justification should include a critical appraisal of the method.

  • college,Business(Information Systems Strategy) -

    And what kind of help would you like from us? We cannot write your paper for you, but do you need help finding information?

    Please re-post ... with a specific question.

  • college,Business(Information Systems Strategy) -

    hello...yes i don't expect anyone to write the paper for me..yeah i don't get any information on earl's risk and return on the net so i don't know how to answer it..i don't know what are the IT/IS initiatives to present it with the risk and return so i would be thankful if someone explains to me with an example on how to do it

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