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american government

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Are these 5 key terms true or false?
The Key terms are capitalized.

1. In a DICTATORSHIP, supreme authority rests solely with the people.

2. GOVERNMENT is the process of accommodating different needs and viewpoints.

3."Government of the people, by the people, for the people" describes a system of government in which the people are SOVEREIGN.

4. Every state is OLIGARCHY because it has absolute power within its territory and can determine its own foreign and domestic policies.

5. Private ownership and free markets are characteristics of a FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM. my answer is
1 -- False, but could be true if the people want to revolt. The dictatorship only works if the people are complacent, willingly or through force.

2 -- False

3 -- False

4 -- False

5 -- True if these are wrong please correct

  • american government -

    1. OK (no explanation needed; if the people rebel and succeed, it's not a dictatorship anymore.)

    2. OK

    3. Rethink


    5. OK

  • american government -

    is number 4 true

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