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Hey guys, I know this is a homework site, but I cant seem to find this anywhere on the web. I cant seem to find this pencil my chemistry teacher suggested to get, since I'm on the chem league, we will be doing a lot of Multiple Choice questions and this pencil is mechanical, it is shaped so that the tip is flat, and you only need to mark it once, you don't need to fill ("bubble") in a whole bubble. (retracing a circle-you just mark a line, and the pencil tip is shaped so that it fills the bubble)

Do you guys know what I am talking about? I would like to buy this pencil to save me some time on the standarized tests.

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    Put "flat-tipped mechanical pencil" into Google. There are several possiblities for you to look at.

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    uhh. are you sure? I didn't really seem to get any good results.

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    Try "mechanical carpenter pencil"

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    That may be right, but is it Number two?

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    I am not sure how hard a carpenter pencil is. I use a conventional wood one and it is about #2

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    I think you should buy the peeeeennnnniiiiisssss pencil

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