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Radical and Rational exponents

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Estimate how long it takes you to complete a task of your choice (house cleaning, mowing, etc.) in a given week. Suppose that Joe is slower than you at the given task and takes three times as long as you do. If you work together, how long would it take you to complete the task It take me only 1 hour to mow the lawn where it takes my sister 2hours, how long would it take both of us to do it together to complete the task

  • Radical and Rational exponents -

    You have just asked two different questions in the same paragraph.

    I will do the last one,
    then you follow my method to do the first one.

    your time for lawn is 1 hour
    sister's time to do the same lawn is 2 hours

    your combined rate would be lawn/1 + lawn/2 = 3/2 lawn/hour

    so time working together = lawn/[lawn/(3/2)]
    = 2/3 hours , (lawn will cancel)

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