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Dog Breeds

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Please check my answer thanks

1. Which of the following dogs would be best suited for an elderly man who lives in a high-rise building, has two cats, and adores tiny breeds?

A. Chihuahua
B. Pomeranian

C. English Toy Spaniel

D. Silky Terrier

I say A

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    Nope, chihuahua's are yippy and have a tendency to nip and do not like other animals.

    Were I choosing, I would say an English Toy Spaniel. They are generally calm.

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    I agree with GuruBlue, chihuahuas are very hyper sometimes and yippy. The elderly man might not be able to handle it and the cats might become scared.

    I really don't know about the other dog breeds. Probably the English Toy Spaniel. Hope I helped!

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