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health confidentiality

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Sally lives with her Mother. She wants a HIV test but is afraid her Mother or her employer will somehow learn of the results, especially if they have to be reported to health officials. What should Sally do? Would it be fair to say that Sally demand that the doctor sign an agreement idemnifying her against any damages if the information is revealed or run to another state that permits anonymous testing

  • health confidentiality -

    She lives with her Mom and she thinks if she has HIV her mom might find out? If the mom didn't find out, she should get a new mom. Mothers know things and have superpowers to find out.

    But, the privacy act does not allow providers to disclose it to her employer or her mom. Now there is a wrinkle to this, if she get prescriptions of HIV, those drug prescriptions are reported to the Insurance company, and used by them for various purposes, mostly nefarious. The HIV issue then could be exposed to the employer as part of negioations on new group rates. This is one of the big loopholes in the privacy act. It means big money to insurance firms, they don't like to pay out on things like cancer, brain surgery, or AIDS.

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